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GoFundMe: Medical Bills and Surgeries by doggbin
GoFundMe: Medical Bills and Surgeries
Recently I started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for my surgeries and medical bills that I really need to get paid, I'm earning rather minimal money at the moment and cannot earn the money to pay for anything medical.

I'm downsizing my game collection and selling my surf ski to put money towards my surgeries as well as selling two of my baby birds.

For donations over $150 I will ship you a cut foam base as a thank you! If you have made a large donation please note me with you details so we can discuss your blank.

Any signal boosting would be insanely appreciated !!

6 Expanding Foam Bases for Sale by doggbin
6 Expanding Foam Bases for Sale
Just posting this real quick while my internet decides it actually wants to work lmao more photos are available here ! page should be visible regardless of whether you have a Facebook or not :>


I recently got in my order of expanding foam so now I can start selling my bases again!

This is my first time using expanding foam so these do all have flaws in them, some are only very minor flaws. Just a note, my knife doesn't work so they are still raw pulls, they will be cleaned up properly before being shipped out! I just need to make a trip to the shops to get new supplies.

I currently have 2 dragons, one fox, one canine, one avian and one house cat! 

Dragons: 1. $50 2. $70
1. One of them for some reason literally crumbled on it's eyebrow so I got more expanding foam and filled the hole, there is still damage around the excess I put on but it's definitely not as bad as it was before. The excess just needs to be cut down to match the other eyebrow. There is also a tear down the side of the eye which I will fix with a little bit of hot glue.
2. This is a near perfect cast! The only issue is it has a air bubble about the size of my thumb, but it's right on the side and won't affect the base being used at all.

Cat: $70
This is a spot on perfect cast! The only problem with it is that one of the eyes is torn in the mould so it looks kinda gross, this won't be a problem though as you'll be cutting it out to put your own eyes in anyway. Just thought I'd mention it in case!

Fox: sold!

Canine: $50
For some reason parts of it cured harder (chin, eyebrows, top of nose, various spots) and some turned out very rough while others turned out only partially cured? It has the full shape and is still useable, but it has places across the base that feel slimey/partially cured but stay in place like it is cured. I am able to put fleece over these spots for free before shipping if desired.

Avian: $60
This actually turned out really nice except during the demoulding process, some tiny strips stuck to the mould so there are 2 strips along the top of the head that are slightly lowered/rougher than the rest of the head. It's honestly a tiny difference and would not affect the use of this base. On the left side it didn't expand properly and there's a thin bit around the edge, again this would not affect the actual use of this base.

All prices are in USD and exclude shipping. Shipping within Australia is $20 including tracking (can arrange free drop off to selected areas of Queensland) and all international shipping is $35 including tracking. If shipping costs less than this I will refund you the difference, if it costs more I will cover it. Express is available at an extra cost.

I do not take orders for bases sorry! Because I'm still getting use to expanding foam I don't want to take orders and then it turns out a miscast. I will however take expression of interest! If you're genuinely interested in a base, I will cast one and you will be the first to know and I will let you know it's condition! From there if you do not take it, it will just be sold to someone else :> 
I got a new job but the store doesn't open til around mid November, I have to do training and store set up but I'm not sure when that is or if it's even paid. Currently I'm in fast food and have been for just over 3 years, my store doesn't care about their staff and is honestly such a disgusting environment.

I reported a manager 3 times for emotional abuse, every time they just got rid of my report and acted like I had never submitted it, even when I submitted one to the store owner, they did nothing. We finally got a meeting with the head manager and the manager I was reporting but only because my mum went in and demanded a meeting. Throughout the whole meeting was just the head manager dismissing and defending the other managers actions so that she didn't get in trouble, I ended up crying and leaving early. They thought it was a successful meeting.

I have been treated like garbage since I started and the managers are just getting worse, a manager I use to get along with is now extremely snarky and a huge asshole. He made an ex manager, ex crew and I all cry one shift and never apologised. I break down at least once or twice a week on my shifts, and when he was asked what was wrong with me he said I don't know, I'm not a therapist and stormed off without anyone asking me.

Today I vomitted my medicine and cried from how much pain I was in, but they told me I couldn't go home unless I found someone to fill the shift (to which the manager admitted she knew there was no one who could). Crew aren't allowed to cry on counter because then customers get concerned and managers get spoken to, so I broke down and went on counter and they sent me home straight away. They're literally more concerned about getting a customer complaint than me vomitting/passing out at work.

So I've decided to leave early, I was going to stay until my new job started but this job has already destroyed my mental health and pushed me to my limits far too often. This means I'll have about a month or two of unemployment. I have a little money saved up but I don't want to risk it not being enough to get through.

My commissions have always been open and always will be, but now I actually really need commissions. I'm sorry this turned into a huge rant :< I'm honestly just so fed up with this workplace and their 'ethics'.… These are my prices here, they're fixed and don't change with design complexity (unless your characters design is like 50 colours and a million patterns). I'm also going to see if I can get some expanding foam or resin and start casting fursuit head bases again for some extra cash. If you could spread the word that would be really great and I would really really appreciate it !!

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